Summertime means warmer weather and more sunshine, which makes it the perfect time to explore some fun and romantic outdoor date ideas. Are you ready to spice up your relationship? Here are some ideas that are perfect for the season.

10 Outdoor Date Ideas

  1. Watch a movie outdoors. If you live where there’s a drive-in movie theater, there’s no better date. Find theaters here.
  2. Take a bike ride together. Get a shot of mood-boosting endorphins while spending time with your best friend. Choose a route with beautiful scenery. Or explore your neighborhood. Click here to find bike routes by state.
  3. Pick your fresh fruit. Find a local farm and pick delicious summer fruit together. Extend the romance into the evening by cooking something yummy together with what you gathered in the day.
  4. Hit the amusement parks. Be a kid again and find an amusement park to ride rides, eat cotton candy, and play games together. If you don’t have any local amusement parks, make it an adventure and travel to the closest one.
  5. See an outdoor concert together. Summertime is full of outdoor concerts. Find shows and venues near you and enjoy live music in the open air.
  6. Plan an outdoor brunch date. Be spontaneous and head out to your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating and snag the perfect spot. Not feeling like going out? How about brunch on the porch together?
  7. Let’s go out to the ball game. Do you have a major or minor league team in your area? Why not make it a date? There’s just something nostalgic about summer baseball games that blend fun and romance. Find out what promotional events they have that interests you and your spouse. Don’t forget to have a ballpark hotdog while you’re there!
  8. Go for a hike together. Hiking is the perfect way to challenge and bond with each other. When you reach the top, take a moment to take in the view and savor the moment together.
  9. Day trip to a new place, anyone? It doesn’t matter where you go, what matters is the songs you’ll sing, the conversations you’ll have, and the crazy roadside attractions you’ll stop at along the way. Don’t forget to buy a cheesy souvenir to remember your adventure together.

Summer Romance

Take advantage of the summer sunshine and warmer temps to spice up your romance. What are some other fun outdoor date ideas you love? Let us know.

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