Since November is the month we set aside to reflect on thankfulness, let’s take that a step further and show your spouse how much you appreciate them. Keep reading for the 30 little ways of you can show your spouse you appreciate them daily. That’s a whole month’s worth!

30 Ways to Show Your Spouse You Appreciate Them

  1. Send a special delivery. Need a hint? How about some flowers or a sweet note?
  2. Simultaneously Rub each other’s feet.
  3. Show interest in something your spouse is passionate about. This little tip is one of the best ways of showing appreciation for your spouse. It communicates that what matters to them, matters to you.
  4. Leave random love notes. Stick one in their purse, bag, or lunch for work. Be creative!
  5. Share some wisdom. There’s a saying that “men have sight; women have insight.” Who knows, talking about things that matter may give you a new perspective!
  6. Do little helpful things. If your spouse usually handles a chore, beat them to it. It’s simple and one of the easy ways to show your spouse you appreciate them.
  7. Make a point to drop what you’re doing a greet them with a kiss or a hug when they arrive home.
  8. Be social. If social media is their thing, post a little update saying how much love them, or that you’re thinking about them.
  9. Next time your husband or wife travels, park and meet them right outside of security. Of course, a big warm welcome makes it that much better!
  10. Get the coffee ready. If your other half is an early riser, set the coffee up the night before.
  11. Set the day off right. Does your spouse have favorite slippers or a robe? Set them out where they can find them easily.
  12. Breakfast in bed. It doesn’t’ have to be elaborate.
  13. We all have differences. Show your love you appreciate them by resetting things back the way they like it. For example, does your spouse like a different shower setting than you do? Turn it to their favorite after you’re finished.
  14. Surprise them and pick up a little something that he/she enjoys while you’re out.
  15. Plan an intimate date night.
  16. Smile at them. Ways of showing appreciation for your spouse is a simple as showing that they make you smile.
  17. Back scratches and head rubs.
  18. Spontaneously grab your honey and dance with them.
  19. Be the driver. Commuters will understand this one. If your spouse is in the car a lot, offer to drive instead when you go out.
  20. Be reliable. Let your spouse know they can count on you.
  21. Hug them. Did you know that even 30-second hug improves intimacy in a marriage?
  22. Say “Thank you.” Seems simple, but it goes so much further than you may realize.
  23. Make small sacrifices. Say you love broccoli, but your husband hates the smell. A small sacrifice would be eating it when your dining on your own.
  24. Show support. Tell your partner that you are proud of them and support them when times get tough.
  25. Make a lunch date at their favorite eatery.
  26. Offer to help. For example, if one cooks, the other cleans up.
  27. Tell them something you admire about them.
  28. Pray with him or her when they’re having a rough day.
  29. Just listen. Feeling appreciated also means feeling heard.
  30. Give your spouse your full attention. Stop what you’re doing and look at them when they talk.

It isn’t the grand, romantic gestures that show your spouse you appreciate them. They can be, but when it comes to relationships, the little things count a lot more.

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