What is Affection?

Affection is the expression of caring for someone, a tender attachment. Acts of love symbolize vital ingredients in any relationship. It communicates security, protection, comfort, and approval.

It is an Unspoken Form of Communication

When you are affectionate toward your spouse, it sends the message that they are important to you. It says I will care and protect you; any problems you face are important to me and I am there for you to lean on. Affection rekindles the romance in marriage.

It should come to no surprise, then, that affection is critical in relationships. But, have you ever considered just how crucial it truly is? Affection is the number one reason couples seek therapy because it is how they gauge to how the marriage is going.

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It is a Temperature Gauge

Men and women use affection to gauge the interest and commitment of their partner. When it is lacking, marriages suffer. When this happens, couples begin to disconnect, and verbal forms of communication are negatively affected. The breakdown of communication both physically and emotionally can lead couples to seek help.

Everyone Knows How to Show Affection, Right?

Would you be surprised to learn that the answer is a no? Many reasons surround a person’s lack of ability to show love. However, learning to show love and care is a communication skill you can learn and practice.

10 Things You Can Do to Show Affection

  1. Start and end the day with a kiss. Make it more than 5 seconds.
  2. Sit together on the couch instead of in individual spots.
  3. Smile at them when they are not expecting it.
  4. Tell them something you love about them.
  5. Give them a love pat when you walk by them.
  6. “Ink In” Date Night.
  7. Check them out as they walk past. Make sure they catch you.
  8. Hold hands often.
  9. Play together.
  10. Talk about your dreams with each other.

Do you need a few more to store away in your toolbelt? Here are some other simple ways to show love in marriage.

Affection is the Cement of a Relationship

Without it, you leave your spouse feeling disconnected and alone. With it, you strengthen and validate the bond. If you struggle with showing affection or have a spouse that does, you can benefit from counseling. An experienced relationship coach can help you find ways to communicate love more efficiently.

It’s Never Too Early to Lay the Foundation

Premarital counseling can help save your marriage before it begins. Discover any deficiencies in the way that you communicate and make a plan.

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