Is kissing in marriage important? Absolutely! It helps you connect on an intimate level, reduces stress, and boosts trust in the relationship.

5 Reasons to Pucker Up!

Has the kissing in your marriage waned? Here are 5 reasons to make kissing in marriage a priority.

Kissing Builds Intimacy

Kissing is often connected to physical intimacy, but it’s critical to emotional intimacy? Emotional intimacy happens when you can be vulnerable, comfortable, and deeply connected. Kissing helps lower the emotional barriers so that couples develop and maintain a deep sense of connection.

Boosts Your “Happy Hormones”

The internet is filled with clever ways to reduce stress. But one answer couldn’t be more fun. Smooching triggers the brain to release powerful hormones (dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin), igniting the brain’s pleasure centers and lowering your stress hormone (cortisol).

It’s Good for the Heart

Kissing each other is good for your heart, literally and metaphorically. It increases your heart rate in a way that dilates your blood vessels. When blood vessels are dilated, blood flow increases, causing a decrease in blood pressure.

Builds Trust

Trust is an important pillar in marriage. Kissing strengthens trust. It gives your spouse the assurance that you support, care, and love them.

Boosts Sex Drive

Apart from the practical benefits, it’s just plain fun. Romantic kisses lead to physical desire and revitalize your sex life, keeping you emotionally, mentally, and physically nourished.

Keep Kissing in Marriage from Dwindling

Do you still kiss your spouse? Average marriage kisses are dry, routine, and lifeless. Transform your smooching to passionate and steamy with these 7 tips.

  1. Kiss for kissing’s sake.
  2. Embrace while kissing.
  3. Greet with a kiss.
  4. Let your spouse know how you want to be kissed.
  5. Focus on QUANTITY & QUALITY kissing.
  6. Kiss by the book. (Hint: read Song of Solomon)
  7. When you don’t want to because of hurt or anger, kiss them anyway.

Want to have a happier, healthier marriage? Keep kissing! Experts recommend kissing your partner three times a day, but one of those should be a passionate kiss that lasts for a minimum of seven seconds.

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