Marriage Retreats Benefit Your Marriage

Marriages go through peaks and valleys. Couples often don’t know how to manage the struggles of becoming one. That’s why a fun marriage retreat can be so beneficial. I would even go as far as to say that all marriages need them.

Fun Marriage Retreats Work

So you’ve made the leap and signed up for a fun marriage retreat, now what? For many couples, this can be one of the most difficult, but important steps for your marriage. But, now you are wondering what they are like. “Do I need to prepare? What do I bring? And, what will the retreat cover?”

Good Questions!

4 Ways to Prepare

Here are some things to expect at a fun marriage retreat and how to prepare.

1.  Plan Ahead

Start making the arrangements as soon as you sign up. Arrange for babysitters, pet sitters, and time off from work. Also, will you need to drive, or fly? Do you need to make a packing list? Book a hotel room if required. Avoid the stress of last-minute planning, so you aren’t beginning the process stressed.

The Making Room for Romance retreat includes lodging at the beautiful Chateau on the Lake Resort in Branson, MO.

2.  Do Your Research

Depending on which fun marriage retreat you chose, you might want to check out what is around the area especially if you are going back and forth to the conference. Find fun places to eat beforehand. What sites do they have that you would enjoy?

3.  Start Journaling

It’s handy to keep a journal before and during the retreat or conference. Keeping little notes before you go will help you organize your thoughts, feelings, and some of the important points you might want to work on at the retreat.

4.  Be Open-Minded

You’ve come this far! You’ve decided to work on your marriage. Don’t sabotage yourself. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Be diligent to HEAR your spouse, open up about how you are feeling, and listen to other couples. The healing begins when you open your heart to God’s guidance.

What Topics Will We Cover?

While there are many different fun marriage retreats to choose from, Eagle Family Ministries’ fun marriage retreat covers a variety of relatable marriage topics such as:

  • Romance and Intimacy
  • How to Really Know Your Spouse
  • 7 Dimensions of Intimacy
  • Top 10 Intimacy Needs
  • 4 Ways to Deepen Intimacy
  • Three Types of Love Needed In A Marriage
  • Red Hot Monogamy…Enjoying Great Sex In Your Marriage
  • The Importance of Meaningful Touch
  • Communication And Listening Enhances Romance
  • 3 Listening Skills
  • Being Different From Your Spouse Is Okay
  • Being Best Friends With Your Spouse
  • How to Fight Fair and Safe
  • Building Honor In Your Marriage
  • Romantic Ideas
  • Making Marriage Fun

They Change the Atmosphere

A fun marriage retreat creates an atmosphere for you to concentrate on each other, free of distractions, pressures, and daily interruptions. It’s a “time-out” from home. Bottom line, a fun marriage retreat is about getting new tools and making positive changes in your relationship in a relaxed atmosphere.

Marriage may not be a fairy-tale, but it can be better because it’s real!

I’m interested in attending a fun marriage retreat or hosting one at my church.