Seminars by Design - Design your own marriage seminar

Seminars by Design – IT’S EASY!

We can custom design seminars or retreats for the married couples at your church!

You choose the name for the marriage event and we will lead it!
The event can be at your church or at another location of your choice.


Romance and Intimacy  In Marriage
How To Really Know Your Spouse
7 Dimensions Of Intimacy
Top 10 Intimacy Needs
Spiritual intimacy in marriage
Three Types Of Love Needed In Marriage
Red Hot Monogamy…Enjoying Great Sex In Your Marriage
The Importance Of Meaningful Touch
Communication Counts
Five Levels Of Communication
Listening Skills
Being Different From your spouse is not bad
Conflict Resolution – Let’s Play Ball!
Forgiveness In Marriage
Being Best Friends With Your Spouse
Dating Your Spouse
Building Honor In Your Marriage
…or Customize Your Own!

Give us or give us a call to visit about your ideas.

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