Long-lasting, happy marriages don’t just happen. They are cultivated by being intentional in your marriage.

Like life, marriage isn’t static. It’s always changing and ever-evolving. It’s up to you both whether you want to put in the effort to stay close. Here are nineteen keys to creating the marriage you’ve dreamed of having.

19 Keys to Being Intentional in Your Marriage

  1. Make each other a priority.
  2. Share your hopes, feelings, frustrations, and goals frequently.
  3. Have fun together regularly.
  4. Date your spouse.
  5. Don’t look to your spouse as your only source of happiness.
  6. Make physical intimacy a priority.
  7. Encourage and support one another.
  8. Learn to fight fair.
  9. Empathetically listen.
  10. Be honest and transparent.
  11. Maintain healthy boundaries.
  12. Express your affection frequently.
  13. Build margin into your life for rest to lower stress levels.
  14. Shift from “me-ness” to “we-ness.”
  15. Become aware of your spouse’s needs and respond to them.
  16. Speak your spouse’s love language.
  17. Compliment your spouse.
  18. Put away the phones and snuggle up on the couch.
  19. And last but not least, PRAY TOGETHER!

What’s the Next Step?

The next step is to discuss, together, the areas you each need to improve. How can you, as a couple, move toward a more intentional and lasting marriage?

Your marriage is a terrific opportunity to become a better person and create the intimacy you’ve always wanted. With these nineteen keys to being intentional in your marriage, you’ll be on your way to a happy and more successful relationship.

What are some ways that you are intentional in your marriage? Please comment and let us know.

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