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If your company, club, or organization needs an inspirational speaker or motivational speaker, you’ve come to the right place. Steve Tucker inspires and connects with a vast array of audiences.

Public speaker and relationship coach, Steve Tucker, has over 35 years experience in public speaking as well as life and relationship coaching. In addition to his education and training, Steve’s 38 years of marriage has prepared him for speaking about relationships and life coaching beyond all his education. His real life experiences have helped to develop his speaking and coaching techniques which are focused on reality, not on unreachable thought. His happy and healthy marriage didn’t happen without a lot of challenges and difficulties to work through over the years. He uses the experiences and learning from those challenges to encourage others in their relationships.

Steve has been the President and Co- Founder of Eagle Family Ministries since 1996 and the President and Founder of Beyond Today Life Coaching since 2010. In addition to his relationship coaching in his office, he speaks for corporate training events as well as marriage and relationship events nationwide.