Have you ever had those moments when you don’t know how to do something that you feel like you should? Not all families are alike. If you grew up in a family that didn’t show affection easily, you might struggle in this area of your marriage.

It’s Simpler Than You Think

Showing affection doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. If you need some simple ideas, here are a few places to start.

  1. Initiate a kiss, and do it for more than five seconds.
  2. Site close to him/her on the couch. Touch produces oxytocin (the love hormone), which is good for you both.
  3. Share a list of the reason you are grateful for them on social media with your favorite pic of them.
  4. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of milestones in your relationship.
  5. Initiate physical intimacy in a way that speaks their language of love. If your life is chaotic, here are some ways to make it work.
  6. Send them an unexpected text and tell them what you admire about them.
  7. Rub their shoulders when they’re stressed.
  8. Scratch or caress his or her back.
  9. Leave your love a note where they’d least expect to find one.
  10. Buy a simple gift that says, “I thought of you today.”
  11. Flash him or her a big smile.
  12. Greet them at the door when they come home
  13. Tell your spouse why you’re proud of them.
  14. Check him (or her) out from head-to-toe and make sure they catch you doing it.
  15. Have a thank-you party to celebrate all they do for you and your family.
  16. Write a love letter.
  17. Invite them to play a game with you.
  18. Take a break from weekend chores and use that time to “be” together.
  19. Start and end the day with a kiss.
  20. Participate in their favorite hobby when they ask you to—and don’t complain if you don’t like it.

Small affectionate moments can have a big ripple effect on your relationship. When we show affection to our spouse, they feel noticed, respected, loved, and cherished. Taking time to show simple gestures of affection tells your spouse that they are more important than any other person in your life.

Simple Ways to Show Affection

These ideas are simple. All it takes is you being intentional. Most won’t even cost a thing! So ladies and gentlemen show your spouse you notice them today.

How does your spouse like you to show them affection? Comment and let us know.

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