Every parent knows the word “empty nest.” Some dread it, while others look forward to it. Either way, it’s normal for children to leave home and begin an independent life. Parents, whichever side you fall on, the first thing you need to do is to realize what a blessing it is for you and your children! Here are twenty-one reasons to love an empty nest.

Reasons to Love an Empty Nest

  1. More opportunities for romance.
  2. The grocery budget will plunge.
  3. More Freedom to travel. (and for less!)
  4. Cook whatever you want, when you want.
  5. Lower utility bills.
  6. Sleep as you did before children.
  7. A cleaner home.
  8. Fewer loads of laundry.
  9. More time to do things you love.
  10. Peace and quiet. (no more fighting and yelling at siblings)
  11. No more eye rolls!
  12. Higher quality family time.
  13. Uninterrupted time with Jesus.
  14. Physical intimacy freedom in the home. (anytime, anywhere!)
  15. Explore new hobbies.
  16. Your mornings belong to you.
  17. You can turn their bedrooms into space for you.
  18. Read a book. All of it. In one weekend.
  19. Ditch the minivan and get a car you like.
  20. You get to give advice to new parents.
  21. You’re one step closer to grandchildren.

What you’ll love most about an empty nest has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your kids.

What You’ll Love Most

You’ll love seeing the mature and appreciate you and the home they grew up in, and hearing about their new experiences. One of the most satisfying aspects of being parents to adult children is getting to watch them form mature, adult bonds with you and their siblings.

So, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done, let the air into your child’s room and ENJOY some YOU time because you’ve earned it.

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