Best friends support one another when tough times come. So, what can you do when your husband or wife needs extra help? How can you care for your spouse? Here are 5 ways to help a struggling spouse get started on the road to healing when dealing with personal hardship within your marriage.


Prayer is always the first response to any struggle in life. Who better to turn to than the Lord. Whether it is you, or your spouse struggling, prayer can be the key to turning it around and getting real answers to life’s hardships.


Are you the one struggling in your marriage? Be willing to listen to what your spouse or others have to say about what you’re going through. It can be difficult, hurt your feelings, or even make you angry. However, they may have some wisdom and clarity to offer you.

If you’re not the one enduring the hardship right now, be a sounding board for your spouse. It helps to have someone who listens well to process emotions. Be careful not to try to “fix” the problem. Instead, listen with empathy.


Affirmation is important for the healing process. Speak positive and affirming words to them about their abilities, provision, and appreciation for him or her. The words may not seem to penetrate their mindset at the moment, but they will remember them later.

Here are some examples of how to give words of affirmation.

Put Love into Action

Have you ever heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words?” Well, love is a verb, which means it requires action. Don’t simply tell your spouse you love them. Show them! Do it through acts of service, kindness, or concern for what they are going through. Show your love in a way that no one else can.

Be Willing to Ask for Help

Reach out to friends, family, a marriage ministry, or whoever is a “safe place” for you. Let them know you’re going through a hard time. Meet with them, pray, and ask them to support you; in whatever way they can. Community support can be life-changing for a marriage. It’s not wise to try to do life without it.

Help a Struggling Spouse

What other ways have you found most useful to help a struggling spouse? Please share in the comments.

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