Hard times can take a toll on us, causing our attitudes to shift into discouragement or worse despair. If this is you, it’s time that you change the atmosphere in your home.

It’s Time to Change the Atmosphere in Your Home!

Whether it is the social distancing that has you down, it’s been a rough season altogether, or the grumpies have invaded your home, work your way through this list, the atmosphere will change.

After all, it’s hard to stay in a negative place when you open the door for God to come into your home!

1. Invite Jesus in.

Inviting Jesus in may seem obvious, but how many times do we actually pray the words, “Lord Jesus, come in and invade our home?” Take some time to pray over your home. Need some help? Use these prayer prompts to get you started.

2. Leave a Bible open in a place with high traffic.

Find a space in your home that you walk by frequently and leave it open in the place you’re studying. This way, you’ll see the Word of God in your comings and goings throughout the day. Stop by and read a verse on the page. Not only will you see it, but your kids may even ask about it, which can open the door for special conversations with them.

3. Display Bible verses throughout your home.

Perhaps you already do this. But if not, having God’s Word displayed throughout your home is a simple way to change the atmosphere.

4. Play some worship music.

Turn on your favorite Pandora station and allow praise and worship music to play softly in the background.

5. Open the windows.

Let your home and your weary soul breathe a bit. With Spring’s arrival, the weather is perfect for letting in a little fresh air breeze through. If weather or allergies prevent you from opening the windows, pull back t curtains and open the blinds to allow natural light to illuminate your home.

6. Listen to the Bible on audio.

Listening to the Bible is easier than ever with so many free apps like YouVersion that has nearly every translation you could want.

7. Count your blessings.

Thankfulness is a powerful weapon. It’s hard to stay down when you practice gratefulness. One way to practice this is to take some time during the day to tell Jesus all the things you’re thankful for in your life. Another is to keep a journal. Write in it frequently, and read back through it on especially tough days.

8. Play and have fun together.

Having fun together can lift your spirits and strengthen bonds with your spouse and children. Pull out some board games, card games, do a puzzle together, or go out back and play a friendly game.

Whether you have kids or not, it’s important to find something that you enjoy. Laughter is encouraged!

9. Pray.

And of course, PRAY!

If your heart and attitude are just in a really dark place, talk to God. His perfect peace is real and comforting. The best prayer is to pray God’s Word over your heart and home. It’s life-changing!

Our prayers may not be in answered in the ways we think we need, but His ways are always best.

What do you do to change the atmosphere in your home? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and let us know.

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