If you had to answer trivia questions about your wife, how would you do? You might be able to answer her favorite color or food, but could you share her hopes and dreams? Her worries or fears? How about where she is in her faith walk? Here are six ways to know your wife on a deeper level.

Discuss Your Faith

Talk about your faith. Ask her what she wants to pray for and make a habit of praying together. You can learn a lot about your wife and what’s on her heart by asking what she wants to pray about.

Also, find time to discuss the message at church on Sunday, or what God has been speaking to you through scripture or other devotionals you are doing. Sharing your faith opens your heart for her to peek inside.

Here are four ways to grow your faith as a couple.

Talk About Your Day

Talking may be the last thing on your mind after work, but if your wife wants to know how your day went you need to open that up to her. You may be tempted to say ‘fine,’ but she wants details. She wants to know ‘was it busy or stressful.’ Your work is a separate, but often an important part of your world in which she’s not immediately involved. Talking about it with her makes her a part of it. It can also help her to understand you better.

Ask About Her Day

Don’t forget to ask about her day. Just as she isn’t immediately involved in your workday, you aren’t privy what goes on when you aren’t around. Some days she may want to talk about her job, the kids, or other things she’s involved in throughout the day. Whatever it is, listen and interact. Give her your undivided attention. If that means turning off distractions, do it.

Listen, Not Always Solve Problems

Don’t always try to solve all your wife’s problems when she shares. Sometimes, she just needs you to listen. Take note of the word “sometimes.” Men are natural problem solvers. Sometimes you will need to offer advice, but sometimes not. Learn to tune into those times and only offer when it’s necessary.  

Know Her Hopes and Dreams

Do you know your wife’s hopes and dreams? While many women easily share these types of things and all you need to do is listen and remember. However, some wives are less likely to share openly. Regardless of which category your wife falls in, asking her about them will let her know you’re interested and to know your wife better.  

Understand Her Fears and Worries

Every husband should know his wife’s fears, worries, and stresses, as well as what you can do to help. Most women have a deep longing for security. When you, as a husband, seek to understand her worries, fears, and stress and provide comfort, you help to give her the security that she needs.

Know Your Wife on a Deeper Level

Getting to know someone and building any relationship involves talking and sharing. Your marriage is the most important relationship you’ll have in this life. If you want to understand and know your wife on a deeper level, you must build a strong friendship – and that requires regular, intentional conversation.

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