What is the Role of Romance in Marriage?

It is no secret that the success of a marriage is directly related to the amount of work put into it. More often than not a relationship begins to lack fulfillment after a period. Why? Usually, it is because of long-term feelings of neglect or lack of desire. These feelings are indications that couples are not keeping romance in marriage alive. Keeping the fires burning for a lifetime is the role of romance in marriage.

It’s in the Effort.

One of the keys to keeping the fires of romance in your relationship is to put forth the effort you did when the love was new. It is easy to spot when the romance is simmering down. Many couples begin to wonder where those feelings of love have gone or why they don’t feel appreciated anymore.

Most couples experience this after the honeymoon phase has ended. According to most reports, the average time is just over 2.5 years. Remember this is only an average. It will vary for everyone.

Then, there are those that seem like they are on a never-ending love train even after decades of marriage.

What gives there?

Romance, that’s what. Married couples on the never-ending love train have managed to preserve some of the elements that were present in the early stages of dating. They kept the fires of romance burning through the years.

Never stop dating each other.

Remember when you were in the early stages of dating and you had so much fun together? More than likely, you focused a tremendous amount of energy and effort to keep the other interested. If you were to compare what you did then with what you do now, how do they compare?

Is romance necessary in marriage?

It is one of the most critical elements of a happy marriage. Without it leads to emotional and relational breakdowns. A couple’s passion for each other dwindles or burns out. How do we keep that from happening?

The 1st step is to recognize the importance of the role of romance.

Understanding what romance helps us keep in on the priority list. In many cases, couples don’t truly understand what it is, much less how vital the role of romance is. That’s because, in the beginning, we don’t realize how much work we put into the relationship.

Another problem is that we don’t know how to implement romance in marriage. It was easier when the relationship was fresh. It just came naturally. Now, some time has passed, and some of the mystery and the newness has subsided.

As time goes by in a marriage, we often can’t pinpoint the moment that we stepped off the love train. It just happens. Our romantic efforts begin to decrease and become stagnant which leads to emotional and relational breakdowns if left unchecked.

However, if you think back, what were some of the ways you got your spouse’s attention? How did you win them over and keep them interested? These are clues to help you get back on the love train.

Romance in marriage ideas that keep it alive.

Romance should be a normal and necessary part of any marriage. When it loses its place in importance, it leaves room for discontentment to settle in our hearts and our partner’s heart. Making the role of romance a priority is one of the keys to keeping it alive in marriage.

  • Generally speaking, romance includes one or more of the following elements:
  • Small actions that convey affection, adoration, thoughtfulness, and love.
  • Performing activities or actions for the other for no other purpose other than to enhance feelings of joy or connectedness.
  • Activities or events that add a touch of class and high living.
  • Any action that brings a couple closer or that shows thoughtfulness and adoration.

Keeping these in mind will help stir up your imagination and place the role of romance back up the list of priorities.

There is no secret formula.

We wish we could make a bullet point list that would tell you exactly what your spouse considers romance. The truth is, no secret formula works for every person. You need to know what works for your husband or wife. Pay attention to what makes them happy and apply that as often as you can to stoke the fires. Also, marriage conferences are a great way to open the lines of communication.

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Romance helps to sustain a marriage.

Sustaining a marriage takes much work, cooperation, and commitment. If you have been married for any amount of time, you have already become accustomed to these things. However, it doesn’t have to be all about “hard work.” The bottom line is that you two married because you love and cherish each other. Prioritizing the role of romance is to show you care and that they are worth the effort even after all of these years.

Eagle Family Ministries provides many opportunities for couples to learn more about the role of romance. We host a fun marriage retreat in Branson throughout the year, as well as design Christian marriage conferences to meet the needs of couples without having to leave their home church. Our passion is to equip couples with the tools they need to sustain long-lasting, healthy marriages that keep you on the never-ending love train.

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