Servant leadership is one of the most powerful forms of leading. While the phrase “servant leadership” was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in his essay The Servant as a Leader first published in 1970, Jesus was the author of servant leadership in Scripture. His teachings and example are the original design of the qualities of a servant leader. 

7 Qualities of a Servant Leader

Quality #1 Ability to Listen Well

A servant leader will be a good listener. You may be thinking, “I hear my family.” However, hearing is not the same as listening. Listening is an active practice that involves genuine interaction. When you listen, your wife and children feel valued and important. Listening well develops a “team” environment in your home.

Quality #2 Exhibit Empathy

A servant leader will exhibit empathy. Empathy means that you can relate to your wife and kids and understand what their needs are. Developing empathy will help you better understand your wife’s and kids’ positions. It lets them know that you’re looking at their point before making a decision. If you’re unwilling to show empathy, your decisions could communicate the family is a dictatorship rather than a partnership.

Quality#3 Help with Life Issues

A servant leader will look to improve the well-being of his family by looking out for them. There are going to be rough times in a family. How you lead during the rough times can make the difference. A servant led home will come out of adversity stronger.  

Quality #4 Be Aware

A servant leader is aware of what’s happening within the family and is up-to-date with the current conditions. Having an all-around awareness of the needs of the family is required to understand how to serve them best.

Quality #5 Have Foresight

A servant leader can look ahead and plan for changes that may take place in the family’s future, such as college, weddings, and retirement.

Quality #6 Be a Good Steward

A servant leader considers themselves to be the family’s steward, rather than the owner or director. A good steward manages the family well in areas such as money and using the family talents and time wisely.

Quality #7 Sacrifice

Think you, not me. A servant leader is aware that ultimately it’s not about them, but about the family.

A husband who displays these qualities of servant leadership will lead his family well. Scripture, when interpreted and applied, results in freedom for you and your wife and kids. It will help you to work better as a team to tackle conflicts and isolation in your marriage.

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