Getting Out of the Rut

No matter how long you’ve been married, create date nights communicate to each other that the relationship is a priority. However, sometimes we get in a rut. What you need are some creative date night ideas. 

Date Night Ideas

Try these 3 creative date night ideas to liven up your relationship.

1.  Lively Conversation

Avoid slipping into the usual conversation about kids or work. Instead, strike up a conversation that opens the window to your spouse’s inner thoughts and dreams. You can come up with some of your own, or click here to get creative date night ideas for a lively conversation. It may even be fun to print them out on little sheets of paper and “draw from the hat” and see where the conversation goes.

2.  Plan a Thrift Shop Adventure

Thrift shops are full of all kinds of adventure and fun. Why not make a date of it, but with a twist? In short, each of you gets $10 to spend to buy a complete outfit for the other. Then, go on your date together in the getup you came up with! For extra measure, change your names for the evening. Make sure to share the pics with your friends on social media! (hint: that means us too!)

Read here for more information about how to successfully pull off one of these date night ideas.

3.  Restaurant Hop

How often do you love appetizers at one place, main courses at another, but the dessert you love is somewhere else entirely? Ya, me too. Why not have the best of all three! That’s a restaurant hop. Rather than just choosing one place, you go to three different restaurants for a little taste of everything. Maybe even take a trip around the world and hit different ethnic cuisines for each. The sky’s the limit when you aren’t nailed down to one location.

Keeping the Spark Alive

Many relationship experts agree that regular date nights help keep the spark alive. Although daily demands can make it seem impossible to achieve consistently, it’s a vital ingredient to a successful marriage.

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Have you tried one of these creative date night ideas? We want to hear about it. Comment and tell us your story.