Last month, we discussed creating marriage margins with your money, energy, and time. But we couldn’t just stop there! Here are five important margins for healthy marriages and families.   

5 Important Margins for Healthy Marriages and Families

Breathing room is so important in marriage and family life. Let’s dive into five more important margins for healthy marriages and families. 

1. Connection Margins

Passion is kindled by connecting. From date nights with your spouse to time twitch the children, connection margins help families stay healthy. 

Breathe life into your family by building in margins to connect with your spouse, family, and God.  

Leave space for connecting with the Lord. Be intentional about action and habits that facilitate a deeper walk with Jesus. This will look different for everyone. Make it simple (not easy). Make time with the Lord a priority to deepen your relationship with Jesus. 

Remember, the greater your passion is for God, the greater that will pour into your marriage. You give out what you receive.

2. Grace Margins

Grace margins are essential for a healthy marriage and family. If your spouse or children fear making any mistakes, even simple ones, you need to reevaluate how the grace margins in your family and marriage. 

Is there enough space in your marriage and family for mistakes? Or is there a demand or culture of perfection? 

Constrained homes strangle life. Grace-filled homes breath in forgiveness.  

3. Boredom Margins

You don’t have to plan everything. Boredom and unplanned time leave room for you to rest. It will stretch creativity and position you better to hear from the ord when your life and mind aren’t cluttered with “doing.” 

Sometimes, when you slow down, you catch what really matters. 

4. Rest Margins

While closely related to the previous margin, the rest margins help reboot your system. Couples who don’t engage in relaxing activities engage each other with exhausted minds and spirits. Get proper sleep. Manage schedules. Plan meaningful vacations. 

Sometimes, rest changes everything. It’s why God gave us the sabbath in the first place. 

5. Serving Margins

Serving is beautiful and something we are called to do. However, you can fill your schedule with so many “good things” that leave no margin for “God things” in your life. Leave room for your marriage and family while you serve. 

If you aren’t serving somewhere already, build some margin for serving others and watch a fresh breath get breathed into your lives. 

Marriage Margin Check-Up

Let’s do a quick check-up, shall we?  

  1. Where is your margin in your marriage today? 
  2. How do you and your spouse create more margin in your lives for each other? 
  3. What’s your first step?

Give yourselves a fresh breath and create margins in your marriage. We are praying for you all. 

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