Some of you are sending kids out in the big world this coming summer or in a few short years. Regardless of if you’re on the brink of children leaving, or still have years to go, maybe you’ve wondered what life will be like when the children leave home. Here are 6 empty nest expectations to think about as you prepare.

6 Empty Nest Expectations To Think About

1.  What you will do.

You may find yourself wandering about trying to figure out what to do. You will have a lot more time on your hands now that you aren’t packing lunches, getting kids off to events, or attending activities. Start thinking about all those things you wanted to do over the years but never had time. Keep a dream journal for you and your spouse to do with all that free time.

2. You’ll spend less time in the car.

Don’t be surprised if you spend less time in the car. It may not seem like a significant change now, but all those 5 to 10-minute trips to pickups and drop-offs add up! Even with teenagers, we spend more time in the car than we realize. Now, your longest moments in the car can be about taking a fun drive or traveling with your honey.

3. You won’t have school activities withdrawal

One of the most surprising empty nest expectations that you’ll discover is that you won’t experience the withdrawals of the busyness of activities. Of course, this will vary from person to person. But, many report that they enjoy the schedule change.

4. You’ll need less food.

Get ready for a surplus of food! I know when you read that you sighed in relief. You will be surprised at how much further groceries go. Cooking for two is much different than for multiples. You’ll have to rethink meals and grocery lists. Here are some recipe ideas for two.

5. Time speeds up.

You know that old saying “time flies?” You’ll be much busier than you expect. You may be beyond the carpools and kid-centered life, but you’ll find your time is filled with plenty.

6. Time with kids will be better than ever.

With no looming events or family demands hanging over your head, you’ll be more present when spending time with your kids. You get to experience a whole new relationship and friendship with them. And, that’s so much fun.

While these are a just a few empty nest expectations, we hope they helped. At Eagle Family Ministry, we love families and are passionate about assisting married couples to improve their relationships. We have fun marriage retreats and design Christian marriage conferences all over the United States. Enrich your marriage at Eagle Family Ministries!

What are some surprising empty nest expectations that you discovered once the kids left home?

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