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“Every couple needs regularly scheduled date nights.” Most people view “date night” as an invention meant for couples with young families who need a break from the demands of children, or for those who are struggling. The truth is, date night is essential for everyone. It is essential to the relationship because couples need quality one-on-one time in all stages of life regardless of the state of the relationship. For healthy marriages, it will rejuvenate; for struggling couples date night can begin to rebuild the friendship by having fun together.  

5 Benefits of Frequent Date Nights

Make dating your spouse a priority and watch your marriage experience the 5 benefits of frequent date nights.

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Benefit 1:  Strengthens Relationship

Setting aside all other obligations to carve out time to focus on your couple-ness is critical for building healthy marriages. Whether it is kids, careers, or hobbies, inking in special alone-time shows a willingness to make each other a priority.

One report says, “Partners who put one another first, who steer clear of other romantic opportunities and who cultivate a strong sense of ‘we-ness’ or togetherness are markedly happier than are less-committed couples.”

Benefit 2:  Improves Communication

Regular date night is a sign of commitment. It validates the importance of the relationship and is the perfect opportunity to open up to your spouse. Alone time fosters engaging conversations, which builds intimacy and communication skills in marriage.

Engaging in meaningful conversation leads to a deeper understanding of your partner. Date night conversation helps you stay in tune, and reminds you both of the reasons you fell in love in the first place 

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Benefit 3:  Rekindle Romance

Although romance is not all about physical intimacy, a great relationship in the bedroom is an essential aspect of marriage. Date night helps couples connect on a deeper level, which is something often lost in the daily grind of life. Connecting will help you tap into your spouse’s inner feelings, offer support if needed, or celebrate a victory. When you make intimacy a priority in the relationship, you will feel closer to your mate, which leads to more romance and more intimacy.

Benefit 4:  Relieves Stress

An established date night is taking a much-needed break from “doing.” Most of us fill our days with the act of ‘doing this,’ or “doing that.” Taking time to be alone with your spouse is the perfect way to chill out with your best friend, and recharge your batteries. Allow your worries to melt away with the one you love most and build a marriage that will last a lifetime.

In a nutshell, date night is about connection. It is not about getting things done.

Benefit 5:  Builds Friendshipdate night, friendship, best friends, fun, marriage

Date night is a great way to cultivate a friendship based marriage. Couples who are best friends know how to have fun together. Fun in marriage keeps life together exciting.

Now, there is a substantial difference between stepping out for the evening and going on a date. Date night is a night out with your sweetheart. It is not an ordinary night out of the house. It is a state of mind; a quick trip back to the days of wooing.

It doesn’t matter if it is elaborate, or simple. It DOES, however, matter how you make the most out of that time. Use date night to focus on the person you fell in love with, not the one who forgot to take the trash out, or who reminded you of what you forgot to finish.

Date Night is Priceless

The benefits of establishing a habit of date night are much more than the just the five highlighted here. The priceless gift of intentional alone time to listen and express affection for each other is an essential ingredient to a marriage lasting for the long haul.

Date night does not have to be an elaborate occasion. It can be a simple activity alone that allows you to rediscover the person you fell in love with or a fun marriage conference

So, put the kids to bed, put down the phones, or turn off the tv. Set some lawn chairs on the back patio to stargaze. Remember, it is not exactly WHAT you do on date night; it is the spirit you bring to it.

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