Your Focus Will Fill Your Heart, and Spill Out

Have you ever noticed that the small things that build up? For example, criticism. If you consistently hear it or speak it, then, over time, it becomes your mode of operation. The same holds true for gratitude. If you lean toward thankful thoughts and speech, then that becomes your usual response. Whatever you fixate on will then flow from the inside out.

Set Your Sights on Gratitude

The amount of gratitude you have will indicate the level forgiveness and grace you extend. If you are struggling with appreciation, you are more than likely struggling with forgiveness and grace as well.  When gratitude is lacking, discontent will settle in the heart. 

Lacking thankfulness will cause discontent to fill your heart and home. But, if you zero in on the gift of gratitude, it will transform you from the inside out and flow into your marriage.   

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It is more than saying “thank you.”

Anyone can say “thank you” out of habit or politeness. In fact, we say it all the time. We tell the barista at the coffee shop or the bagger at the grocery store. Sure, saying “thank you” is an excellent place to start, but it’s much more than that.

It’s an “Attitude of Gratitude.”

An “attitude of gratitude” means that you have made a habit of thankfulness and appreciation in all parts (big or small) of your life. It is concentrating on what you have, instead of what you don’t have. Notice, I said HABIT. Gratitude is a habit; practice.

Which means that you can develop it

Prayer helps you develop a new attitude. Even the worst can turn around when you call God into the equation. Prayer is always the first line of defense. 

Here are a few tactics and a prayer you can tuck away in your tool belt to develop your “attitude of gratitude.”

Gratitude is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

When regularly used, it’s transformative. Making time to say, and show your appreciation for your spouse builds up a storehouse of love and respect.

At Eagle Family Ministries, our retreats and conferences are a great place to learn strategies to develop gratitude. Contact us to find out more about how we help marriages and families.

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