Commitment is essential to a successful relationship. Inevitably, there comes a day when every promise and vow may be tested. Keeping and strengthening the commitment to each other carry you through the rough waters.

Strengthening the Commitment in Marriage

Strengthening the commitment helps you weather the storms that can come in all stages of the union. Some begin with the initial adjustments to a new marriage or can occur during times of financial, child rearing, or illness.

When these pressures come, they can challenge the promises and vows made to each other. Commitment is the glue that holds two people together and enables you to stay the course when the storms come. Here are some ways you can nurture it in your marriage.

Ask God for Forgiveness and Extend It

Forgiveness is an essential key to any relationship. It keeps the heart soft toward one another. Without it, resentment can pile up and chip away at the commitment made.

Renew Your Commitment to Christ

Have you been threatening to break your covenant by direct statements or by implication? If you can answer “yes” to the question, then the first step to strengthening the commitment is to ask God for forgiveness.


The answer is because the vows you made on your wedding day was in God’s presence and primarily to Him. He was the silent witness when you committed to loving each other for as long as you lived. Renew your commitment to Christ, and your spouse, by asking (and extending it) forgiveness for threatening or implying divorce.

Resolve Conflicts

Long-standing conflicts divide you. When left unresolved, they chip away at your heart. They are a wedge that drives you apart and creates distance from one another. Over time, you may feel unloved or withhold love to each other damaging the relationship. Resolving issues when they arise is the ingredient to keeping the heart open to each other and strengthen the commitment in your relationship.

Return to Your First Love

In Isaiah 54:10 the Lord says that his love for us is more steadfast than even the highest mountains on earth. God wants you to give you this same steadfast love for each other. Returning to your first love means that you focus your attention on the good in each other and your marriage.

Think about what it was like when you first fell in love. What did you both do to win each other’s affections? Go back to doing your first works again and court each other as you did in the beginning. Make the relationship a priority daily. Go on dates and set apart time to be alone together as often as you can.

Verbalize and Show Your Commitment

Excellent communication skills will always enhance your relationship and the commitment to one another. Verbal and physical affection naturally draws you closer and improves intimacy in marriage. Never underestimate how much verbalizing your love and pledge to stay devoted can strengthen the commitment.

One way to communicate this is to walk up to your spouse, wrap your arms around them, and say “I love you and I’m committed to you.” It sounds a bit cheesy, but we often take for granted that they know this in their heart.

It is Achievable

Don’t be satisfied with anything less than complete devotion to each other. Ask God to cultivate these qualities in your marriage. If you determine there is a weakness in your commitment, turn it around and rebuild it by strengthening the commitment to your vows and investing in your marriage.

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