Keeping Marriage Fun Is Vital

Keeping marriage fun is vital because people are at their best when they are enjoying each other. Having fun together is part of what led you to fall in love with each other in the first place. Why would it be a key ingredient in the dating stages and not after the vows?

Every day won’t be like a romantic sitcom you tune in to watch. However, you can keep your marriage from becoming routine and dying out.

How Does the Fun Die Out in Marriage?

Keeping marriage fun must be intentional. Many things derail couples from enjoying each other. Aside from the typical work and family responsibilities, things like technology take attention away from each other. We have all these modern conveniences that free up time only for us to fill it with more stuff that steals us away from each other.

Technology can be a great servant, but it’s a terrible master.

Commit to putting the phones, games, and computers away! Keeping marriage fun is about “going into each other’s world.” You can’t do that if you are wrapped up in other things.

Keeping Marriage Fun Tips for the Ladies

  • Did you know that men are more likely to say that women are their best friend? Men open up to their friend’s. If you show that you are more interested in everyone else (phones) they are less willing to open up to you.
  • Men want their wives to come into their world and share one of their activities. He will never open up to you more than when you are having fun together.
  • Men consider ANYTHING to be a date and be fun. Even a ride to the store.

Be his friend and not his mother. If someone is against them, critical, or not fun, a man won’t open up to that person.

Keeping Marriage Fun Tips for the Men

  • Women don’t consider a run to the store to be a date. Plan the date night in advance and with her needs in mind.
  • Women desire date night to be meaningful and conversational.
  • Keeping marriage fun involves romance. Even if you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, your wife craves it. She wants to know that you are thinking of her. Romance communicates to her that her well-being is one of your top priorities.

In case any of you need a definition of romance, it is a self-initiated pursuit in doing things that you aren’t told to do.

Stay in Love By Finding Fun Stuff to Do Together.

Keeping marriage fun doesn’t have to be difficult or cost much money. You have to make it a priority and come up with a few ideas. Here are five you can start with today.

  1. Schedule it. Pick a night for “Fun Night.”
  2. Prioritize and budget it. Fun fits any budget. Be creative within your budget.
  3. Share ideas and go into each other’s world. Alternate ‘his nights’ and ‘her nights.’
  4. Find free local events to go to. 
  5. Walk through stores together until you find something that interests you. Talk about it.

Jimmy Evans, Founder and CEO of Marriage Today says, “If you’re not having fun together, your marriage is in trouble.” At first glance, it may sound like a bold statement. However, in truth, keeping marriage fun is vital to a marriage.

Keeping marriage fun is one of Eagle Family Ministries passions. We host many fun marriage retreats throughout the year, as well as design conferences all over the United States.

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