Finances are a Leading Marriage Struggle.

Money management is one of the largest sources of contention in a marriage. More often than not, one of you is a saver, and the other is a spender. One of you is probably more organized and balances the bank account down to the penny, while the other rarely writes a single transaction down.

Financial Friction is Rarely Just about the Money.

Spending habits can cause friction in a marriage because it often reveals attitudes about what is valued most. How we spend money can also shine a light on deeper character issues.

Regardless of which category you fall into (saver or spender), surviving the “for richer, for poorer” part of our wedding vows starts with understanding God’s plan for your finances. Understanding His principles and requirements can help us avoid some of the financial challenges over the course of a marriage.

We are All Just “Renters.”

The first thing for couples to understand about money is that we don’t own it. All that we have belongs to God. We are just “renters” of the finances. It says in 1 Timothy 6:7 that we entered this world with nothing and we can’t take anything out of it. Everything we have is because God provided it for us. If He owns it, then we must ask Him how to use it according to His purposes.

Money Management According to His Plan.

We are stewards. Once you realize that the money belongs to God, then how you manage it is important. Following God’s financial plan means managing it according to His principles and standards.

3 Principles to be Good Stewards

Although there are many avenues for money management according to God’s principles, we have provided three for you.

Adopt a Mindset of Ours, Not Mine.

When you said “I do” you became one. That means your finances too. Both incomes should be merged and shared. One of you should be the keeper of the budget. Two bookkeepers tend to invite disaster. However, both should understand and work together on a financial plan.

Plan Ahead Instead of Reacting.

Write down your goals and objectives together. Review them yearly. Maintain a balanced budget that should include existing debt and commit avoiding adding additional debt on top of what you already have. If you aren’t sure how to start, contact a relationship coach or Christian counselor to help you develop a money management plan.

Keep Good Records.

If you don’t know how much money you have or how much you are spending it is impossible to get your finances under control. Keeping good records is essential to avoiding surprises due to disorganization.  Which in turn leads to fewer conflicts about money.

God has Goals for Every Couple.

Rather than seeing the goal of your finances to accumulate things, God wants you to build a strong team relationship with each other. He desires for you to seek Him first in all things, even with money management, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

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