Prayer is the most powerful weapon you wield

Prayer is how you access the power of God over your life, family, and marriage. Every time you or your spouse prays for one another, great things take place in the marriage. But, when you pray together, that power ramps up and produces incredible results.

How powerful you ask?

Would it surprise you to know that while 50{b034abe854198e52cf24e4f19eed807b4b1f619aa1428e9d2f79e379d62e7d41} of first marriages end in divorce, less than 1{b034abe854198e52cf24e4f19eed807b4b1f619aa1428e9d2f79e379d62e7d41} of couples who pray together daily end their marriages? That’s huge. The statistic shows that when you pray together, changes happen.

Praying together unifies

The day you said “I do” you became one in the eyes of God. Praying together frequently promotes spiritual unity and honor in marriage through God. It is the tie that binds, and one not easily broken.     

Prayer breeds gratitude

When we pray, we often thank God for our blessings. That gratitude will trickle down to your spouse. Even if you are frustrated with each other, prayer opens the heart. Showing gratitude for one another and to God reveals the ways your spouse is a blessing.

Read here (will link to previous blog about gratitude) about how gratitude is the gift that transforms your marriage.

It releases your deepest hurts

Praying out loud together gives a voice to your wounds. By naming your hurts, it validates your feelings and offers them up to God for healing. Allowing your spouse into the pains of your heart increases intimacy. Together, you can come into agreement with God for healing.

Intimacy can be a challenge for young families. Read about how to maintain it after children.

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Ready to start, but don’t know where to begin?

Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Begin by praying silently. Sit together and hold hands. Talk about areas of mutual concern as a couple or family. After you finish discussing, start praying. When finished, squeeze the other’s hand to let them know that you are finished. When both of you have finished, say “Amen” out loud.
  2. Finish together. Instead of ending with the verbal “Amen,” agree that one will squeeze the other’s hand. Then that person will finish the prayer out loud. Take turns until you are both comfortable finishing.
  3. Write it out beforehand. It can be short, but meaningful. Then, when you come together for your prayer time, each one reads theirs out loud.
  4. Pray in conversation. Remember in the first step you began the silent prayer with a discussion? Take it to the next level and stop in the middle of the conversation and say, “let’s pray about this.” Then you can either pray silently or out loud as you are comfortable.  
  5. Pray out loud together. By now you are comfortable expressing your heart in prayer with your spouse. Be consistent! Here are a few tips that will help you pray as a couple every day.

At first, it is intimidating for some couples. But, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Strengthen and build intimacy in your marriage by wielding the power of prayer.

If you need ideas of what to pray over daily, make a list. Choose one to pray over each day.

Eagle Family Ministries also help couples enrich their marriage through coaching. Contact us to connect with a relationship coach or to attend one of our retreats.

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