If a Tool Existed to Save Your Marriage Before it Begins, Would You Take It?

Of course, you would! You would snatch it up in a heartbeat and store it away in a safe place. Premarital Counseling is one of those tools. So, if it is so beneficial, then why aren’t more couples taking advantage of it?

Premarital Counseling Terrifies Couples

Couples are afraid of the worst case scenario. What happens if you get into premarital counseling only to discover that you aren’t perfect for each other? What then?  It can be terrifying to examine how each other deals with difficult issues like money, sex, and marriage roles.  

News Flash! Issues Will Come Up During the Marriage Anyway

All of those areas will show up at some point. Some will appear in the first year. Others will develop over the years. How much you love one another won’t hide problem areas. Nor will it keep marriage struggles away. Conflict and challenges will arise. Why not deal with it on the front end instead of trudging through it as it occurs after you are married? Why not give your marriage the best possible chance to last a lifetime?

Premarital Counseling Decreases the Likelihood of Divorce by 50 Percentpremarital counseling

Let’s look at that again. When couples take premarital counseling seriously, they can improve their chances of a lifelong marriage by 50 PERCENT. That’s huge! Can the perfect dress or venue give you that kind of odds for success?  

It May be Scary, But it’s a Needed Tool to Support Marital Success

Premarital counseling is the best tool you can have to begin your marriage. It helps couples explore multiple issues that may come up within married life. Many couples never even discuss foundational topics while dating. Premarital counseling provides a space to address high conflict areas and identify possible struggles. You work out resolutions before the wedding or make plans for dealing with conflicts in the future.

Teaches You How to Deal with the 7 “Toxic Issues” in Marriage

Premarital counseling helps couples to prepare for future common marriage problems. General session topics can vary depending on the marriage counselor. A typical program will cover the seven “toxic issues” of conflict that can lead to divorce. These problems include:

  • Money/finances
  • Sex
  • In-laws
  • Child-rearing (values & discipline)
  • Roles (delegation of responsibilities and jobs in managing the home)
  • Religion/spiritual leadership.
  • Expectations

Some other topics that you may deal with are Living Wills, communication and listening skills. You may cover the importance of fighting fair, or unresolved issues that may affect the marriage. The process of working through these matters equips you on the front end.

Save Your Marriage Before it Begins

Seeing a counselor or coach together before exchanging “I do’s” is the first step toward securing a successful marriage. Start off on the right foot with a premarital counselor. Years down the road, you will be thankful that you prepared.premarital counseling