So, you’re coming up on your umpteenth Valentine’s Day together. Have you run out of ideas to make it romantic and special? Don’t worry. Here are some romantic ideas for married couples on Valentine’s Day.

1. Try Something New Together

Just because you’ve been together for a while is no less of a reason to celebrate or make it special. Try something new together such as a new restaurant, rent a nice hotel room, take a bath together, or slip away to a fun marriage retreat.

2. Start a New Tradition

Start a new date idea tradition. Both, you and your spouse each write down ten or more fun ideas of dates or escapades. Then, put them in a jar and draw from it every month or two for inspiration. Next Valentine’s Day, come up with a whole new set of ideas to do over the next year. Now, you have a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

3. Heart Selfies

Anytime you’re out, and you see a heart, take a selfie of the two of you together with the heart. Make a scrapbook from the pictures or post on social media.

4. Spend the Day Together

Take the day off if you need to and spend that time focusing on one another. Maybe, take a walk. Couples that walk together stay together. If walking isn’t your thing, go out for coffee. Or, better yet, have coffee in bed.

5. Do Something Non-Traditional

What do I mean by non-traditional? Go hiking together, visit a nursing home, or find a charity to serve together.

6. Set the Mood Ahead of Time

Set the mood for the day as soon as you wake up by a little breakfast in bed. Or, make some little love note the night before and stick them everywhere.

7. Reminisce About Valentine’s Days Passed

If you and your spouse save cards you’ve given to each other, look through them and discuss what you’ve been through together as a couple. A little reminiscing can go a long way and remind you of what you love about each other.

8. Give the Gift of You

The key to having a romantic Valentine’s Day is to focus on giving of yourself: you’re time, heart, mind, body, and soul to your spouse.

Romantic Ideas for Married Couples on Valentine’s Day

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